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Bar Method Charlotte-SouthPark Success Story: VeldaClient since August 2015 - Attends class 3 times a week

Over the years, I have tried strength training, yoga, and walking for my health but never really found any classes that I felt were right for me. After having arthroscopic knee surgery two years ago and discovering I have rheumatoid arthritis, I was skeptical that I could do much exercise of any kind. My daughter ass“ured me that The Bar Method would not only work for me but do me a lot of good and encouraged me to try it out.

Since starting The Bar Method, I have gained both flexibility and core strength. I was actually surprised how much when, just a couple of weeks ago during low curl, I realized that not only did I have “six pack abs” (they are there even if no one can see them!) but they were actually shaking!

With the help of the terrific instructors, I have discovered how to properly modify to achieve a great workout every time. On the days I don’t make it to class, I feel sluggish and my muscles are uncomfortably tight. However, it is not just the exercise that lifts me up; it’s the people.

Bar Method has given me the opportunity to work towards a more healthy, fit version of myself! My clothes fit better, I have more energy, and have finally found an exercise routine I can stick with and even look forward to!

“On the days I don’t make it to class I feel sluggish and my muscles are uncomfortable.” – Velda