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Bar Method Charlotte-SouthPark Success Story: BeckyClient since September 2015 - Attends class 6-7 times a week

I recently moved to Charlotte and was anxious to join somewhere where I could find a sense of community. It was sheer luck that across from my apartment there was a Bar Method studio. After only 3 months of doing the Bar Method, I have noticed more benefits than I could have ever imagined. My body alone has seen some tremendous changes.

My arms are more defined than they have ever been. My waist and hips are toned and lean and I went down a full pant size. My boyfriend and I are long distance and he saw me after I had completed 9 weeks of Bar Method, he couldn’t believe the transformation, especially on the back end. My posture has always been questionable due to a heavier endowment in front compared to most women, but Bar method’s emphasis on posture and technique has allowed me to build up my back muscles as well as pectoral strength that helps me stand tall and comfortably. Flexibility has undoubtedly increased and I can see results every class. It’s amazing how strong your body becomes.

Bar method is about more than your body; it is a mental cleanse just as much as a thigh workout. Bar method gives me a space where I have no distractions and no responsibilities to anyone but myself. I can manage my stress and anxiety levels and I can clear my mind and focus on the growth and strength my body is achieving. It is an hour a day where I can relax my mind from the day’s stress. As you go through class and breathe you have time to reflect and re-center your thoughts. It’s rejuvenating to have something I can succeed in everyday.

Bar method is about more than mind and body, it is a community of people who are helping you transform by pushing each student to be their own best self. I am so excited to continue my Bar method experience!


“My boyfriend saw me after 9 weeks of Bar Method, he couldn’t believe the transformation, especially on the back end.” – Becky