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Bar Method Charlotte-SouthPark Success Story: LynneaClient since September 2015 - Attends class 4 times a week

As someone who has NEVER exercised, I came to Bar Method out of curiosity. I’ve skated through life not feeling the need to exercise because I was blessed with my mother’s genes! But, as she always told me, “good genes will only take you so far and, certainly won’t last forever!” Time went on, parts started to sag and a weak core lead to minor back issues. I knew I needed to do something so when a friend at the office told me about Bar Method, it peaked my interest. It’s something I can walk to in the middle of the day, don’t have to fight traffic, hunt for a parking space or feel the need to shower before going back to work; sounds great!

It is great! The atmosphere is like “Cheers”; you walk in the door and are greeted, by name, by staff and instructors. That attention carries through in each and every class. As a novice, I went in not knowing any of the positions or terms but they were always there to make sure I had the correct form or posture. It’s been 2.5 months and the change in my body and flexibility has been amazing. I’ve lost inches and gained firmness, strength, and definition. Where before, I couldn’t come close to touching my toes, now I can touch the floor. I see improvements each and every week. I stand straighter and feel better all around. I take time for myself, I’ve strengthened my body and mind and my friends have noticed! Thank you Bar Method! You’re the BEST!

“I feel improvements each and every week. I stand straighter and feel better all around.” – Lynnea